Flooring Products

Cable Access Grommets

Four sizes are offered 125mm, 100mm, 80mm & 28mm consisting of an outer flange, which push-fits into a circular aperture, and a top-assembly which is snapped into the flange after the cable-end (with connector) has been passed through.

Download Technical Specification documents here (pdf)
Floor Box
Floor Box Centre Plate
Floor Box End Plate
Floor Box 13 amp Unswitched
Grommet 28mm
Grommet 80mm
Grommet 100mm
Grommet 125mm
Circular Floor Box
Circular Floor Box Plate
Grommet Plate 6 Port Unshutttered
No 19 Pad
No 19P Pad
No 20 Pad
No 21 Pad
No 22 Pad

The top assembly has a cover, which rotates to uncover access-holes. This allows a variety of cable sizes to pass through the access holes promoting a clean and tidy visual appearance.

All types are available in black or grey as standard but can be manufactured in any colour by special request.


Floor Boxes

floorboxColes circular 125mm floor box consists of the same top half as the cable access grommet which is ultrasonically welded to a purpose made back box giving 43mm of depth behind the 1.5mm thick anodised aluminium plate.

The plate is fixed in place by 2 x 4mm screws into the floor box assembly. There are four knockouts (2 x 20mm & 2 x 25mm) for under floor cable entry, two on the bottom and two on the side.

FloorBoxClosed250floorboxOpen250The floor boxes are available in black or grey as standard but can be manufactured in any colour by special request.

Standard Plate Options:

4 x shuttered RJ45 sockets *
6 x unshuttered RJ45 sockets *
1 x un-switched 13 amp socket *
Blank plate (for customer's own applications).
*Socket outlets not supplied.

Different plate options are available by special request.


Floor Pedestal Head Caps


Coles manufacture a wide variety of pedestal head caps, all of these come in 4 way, 2 way and flats. We can also supply some stringer versions. These can be made in conductive and static conductive materials and the non-conductive types can be fitted with earth bonding clips.


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